Cybersecurity Baseline Recommendations

Guidelines to Help Companies Strengthen Their Cybersecurity

Ransomware continues to increase in both frequency and scope. Willis Towers Watson and Truesec have developed a joint set of guidelines outlining what companies should do to establish a good cybersecurity posture.


Guidelines for establishing good cybersecurity

An increasing number of companies are suffering from cyber attacks, and recently this has led to the suspension of healthcare and to entire communities being affected when critical infrastructure is attacked. The latest example of this is the shutdown of the Colonial fuel pipeline in the USA, which led to panic at the pumps and rising gasoline prices.

To make it easier for organizations that want to strengthen their cybersecurity, Truesec, and WTW, have developed clear guidelines that support companies in their effort to establish good cybersecurity. The guidelines aim to achieve a minimum basic level, where each organization can decide the next steps based on its conditions and goals.


"Our recommendations are based on our own experience from the countless incidents we have handled over the years. What protections must be in place to prevent or minimize the consequences of intrusion. It is important to understand that we are not talking about advanced protection here, but rather what is to be regarded as security hygiene," says Mats Hultgren, VP Cyber ​​Strategies at Truesec.