An overview of the Swedish cyber threat landscape

Threat Intelligence Report 2021

The number of ransom attacks has tripled during 2020, and the cost of cybercrime in Sweden now exceeds 30 billion SEK per year.

Gain insight into the evolving cyber threat landscape:
  • Most common attacks types
  • Attack vectors and vulnerabilities
  • Challenges, attack tactics and trends.
  • Who are the threat actors?
  • Recommendations based on real-world insight.

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The growth of cybercrime in Sweden reflects the worldwide trend

Two trends dominate the cybercrime area. At one end of the spectrum the large, organized cybercrime gangs continually become more innovative and sophisticated in their attacks. As enterprises work on improving their security posture, cybercriminals evolve and diversify their attack vectors to find new ways into their target networks. They have also become more skilled at identifying critical data and setting the ransom demand accordingly. Demands for ransom are now frequently based on the turnover of the organization, and there are cases of demands exceeding 290 million SEK.

The conclusions and recommendations in our threat intelligence report are based on threat intelligence and accumulated insights during 2019 and 2020. Download it to discover what our threat intelligence analysts have learned from analyzing the evolving threat landscape and real-world attacks.