The evolving cyber threat landscape

Threat Intelligence Report 2022

A shift in tactics has led to an enormous upswing for cybercrime, and it's not going away any time soon. In our 2022 Threat Intelligence Report, you'll gain firsthand insight into the evolving cyber threat landscape and how to prioritize your cybersecurity efforts in the coming year.

Actionable insights based on real-world attacks

Our suggested recommendations are based almost entirely on responding to real-world incidents during 2021. We have delved into each case to fully understand the root causes and what could have prevented the breach and minimized the impact.

In the report, you will learn about:
  • The evolving cyber threat landscape
  • How threat actors have shifted tactics to become faster
  • Who are the ransomware victims?
  • Real-world attacks and why attackers succeed
  • Key weaknesses exploited by threat actors
  • The most important cybersecurity priorities in 2022

Cybercriminals have shifted tactics

The continued growth of cybercrime is a challenge to our entire society. In the past year, we've seen a shift in tactics to accelerate the speed and rate of cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more efficient at exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to environments. In 2021, vulnerability exploits overtook phishing as the primary attack vector for ransomware for the first time.

At Truesec, we've made many observations in the past year. We have distilled all accumulated insights into this year's Threat Intelligence Report to help you protect your organization against evolving attacks.

We believe there are immediate steps you can take to reduce risk and dramatically improve your current cybersecurity posture. That's why a large part of this report is designed specifically to provide solid advice and recommendations to help you cope with cybersecurity challenges today and in the future.

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Key insights based on real-world attacks

The cyber threat landscape


of the attacks in 2021 originated from publicly accessible and vulnerable systems, outpacing phishing as the main attack vector.


represents the rise of ransomware attacks during 2021. Ransomware remains the top threat to medium and large corporations.


of all attacks gained full control of the environment in less than two hours after beginning with manual operations.