The current cyber threat landscape

Threat Intelligence Report 2023

Cybercrime is still rising, and the geopolitical situation in Europe is affecting the cyber threat landscape. In our 2023 Threat Intelligence Report, you'll acquire an in-depth understanding of the evolving cyber threats and how to prioritize your cybersecurity investments to minimize your risk moving forward.

Learn about:

- The current threat landscape
- Cyber threats and how to respond to them
- Real-world cyber-attack stories
- How to prioritize your efforts to reduce risk

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Key insights based on real-world attacks

The cyber threat landscape


represents the increase in ransomware attacks in the second half of 2022. Ransomware remains the top threat to medium and large corporations.


of all ransomware attacks begin with the exploitation of vulnerabilities in systems exposed to the internet.


of all ransomware attacks begin with a threat actor using valid credentials.


An evolving cyber threat landscape

Cybercrime is a growing, global problem affecting organizations and society at large. In this year's release of our annual Threat Intelligence Report, we aim not only to explain how the cyber threat landscape is evolving but also why it's changing - to help you predict evolving cyber threats and plan your organization's protection and response accordingly.

In 2022, we saw how geopolitical changes affected the cyber threat landscape, resulting in increased criminal activities and the emergence of new gray zone cyber threats. Cybercriminals are also becoming more efficient and specialized in their skills and toolsets.

There are steps organizations can immediately take to improve their cybersecurity posture. That's why we've dedicated a large part of this report to providing solid advice and recommendations to help you cope with the cybersecurity challenges of the coming year and beyond.

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About Truesec Threat Intelligence Report 2023

Actionable insights based on real-world incidents

Our annual Threat Intelligence Report is based on research from the company’s years of combatting cybercrime. Our suggested recommendations are based almost entirely on responding to real-world incidents during 2022. We have delved into each case to fully understand the root causes and what could have prevented the breach and minimized the impact.

In the report you'll learn about:

  • The evolving cyber threat landscape
  • The impact of the changing geopolitical situation in Europe
  • How cybercriminals organize their attacks
  • The latest information on attack vectors used in successful attacks
  • Examples of real-world incidents and why attackers succeed
  • Recommended cybersecurity priorities for 2023