Truesec - Threat Intelligence Report 2024

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About Truesec Threat Intelligence Report 2024

An In-Depth Analysis of the Cyber Threat Landscape

Our annual Threat Intelligence Report is based on the data, statistics, and research from Truesec's extensive experience preventing breaches and minimizing impact from breaches.

Our suggested recommendations are based almost entirely on responding to real-world incidents during 2023.


Actionable insights based on real-world incidents

In the report you'll learn about:

  • Automation and AI in Cyber Attacks
  • Efficient Cybersecurity
  • New Laws and Regulations
  • Protecting Your Digital Assets
  • How to Tackle the Challenges in Cyber in 2024
Truesec Threat Report 2024 - webinar spekeakers


Key Highlights from the 2024 Threat Report

In this webinar, you will learn about:
  • Key highlights from the report
  • How to prioritize your efforts to reduce risk
  • Meet the experts behind the data