Common Active Directory Misconfiguration

Unknown vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your IT environment pose a significant risk of being hit by a cyber attack. To ensure a secure infrastructure and stay ahead of threat actors, you must identify vulnerabilities and create a secure infrastructure on all levels of your organization. Protecting your credentials is one of them. By understanding what cybercriminals can do with your credentials, you can also learn how to protect yourself and your environment.

Tune in to STÖK and Peter Löfgren, Senior Technical Architect and part of our Incident Response Team, to discuss how to avoid exposure to cyber attacks by protecting your credentials.

You'll learn about:

  • Tiering, an administrative approach to keeping your credentials safe.
  • What are pass-the-hash and pass-the-ticket.
  • Stepping up your game with Authentication silos and Conditional Access.

Who it is for
Tech Professionals, IT technicians, IT professionals, and those who work in an IT department and are interested in cybersecurity.