How Do Red Teams Legally Hack Into Banks?

In this episode, Fabio shows techniques used by the red team during TIBER (threat intelligence-based ethical red-teaming) engagements.

The Topic:

How can a Red Team help organizations and businesses assess their security posture, train the Blue team and safeguard assets against breaches / persistent cyberattacks.

Join STÖK, our hacker/creative, and Fabio Viggiani (Technical Lead Cyber Security part of our Incident Response Team) as they discuss Red teams, TIBER, social engineering, implants, and much more.

Key Learnings: You will get insight into how real-world red team hackers work with:

  • TIBER-EU (yes, legally hacking into banks)
  • Implants and reverse shells
  • Social Engineering / Vishing - Spoofing SIP trunks

For Whom: Tech Professionals, IT technicians, IT professionals, and anyone working in an IT department curious about cyber security.