Stop Giving Your Admin Credentials Away

Microsoft Remote Desktop, more commonly known as RDP, the remote management tool of choice for Windows Administrators, has a dirty secret. When you, as an administrator, remotely connect to a machine using RDP, you expose and stamp your credentials to the remote computer where a threat actor can steal them, thus causing a significant security risk to your organization. Don’t worry, there ARE ways to mitigate the risk, and Truesec can help.

In this session, you will learn to manage remote devices securely and how to avoid giving away your admin credentials. Truesec has collected the data, and around 80% of all cyber attacks use stolen administrative credentials. Your admin credentials are the target, and this session will teach you how to protect your organization's credentials.

Key Takeaways

  • Protecting administrative privileges: Tiering, Credential Guard, and more.
  • Using secure REMOTE management tools: Windows Admin Center – FTW.
  • Using secure REMOTE management methods – PowerShell – And RSAT SECURELY.
  • Managing computers efficiently – Time Savings, everyone always needs MORE time.

Join our Truesec colleagues, Microsoft MVP Mikael Nyström and Senior Consultant Tim Davis, as they guide you through how to protect your administrative credentials.